Simple does not need to lack taste or nutrition

Posted on :  February 24, 2020
Simple Tuna Mediterranean pasta

by Ashleigh Feltham
Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist

When selecting your favourite pasta I recommend going for a whole grain variety to increase the nutrients your body will receive. This includes B vitamins as well as more fibre to help keep you fuller for longer and promote a healthy weight.

The extra virgin olive oil is by far the healthiest oil around with a fantastic array of health benefits as a monounsaturated fat. This helps your cholesterol composition favour a healthy type with more HDL-Cholesterol and lower LDL-cholesterol. On top of this extra virgin olive oil has polyphenols which act as antioxidants and help to keep your body healthy.

The vitamin C in the capsicum and tomatoes will help to keep your immune system strong. Vitamin C is also a component needed to make collagen, so it assists in keeping your skin youthful too. Tomato is also a great source of lycopene needed for a healthy heart and prostate.

Let’s not forget the benefits of adding 2 x 75g pouches Safcol tuna Italian style tomato and onion or Oil Blend. Omega 3 fat in fish provides the type of omega 3 your body can use called EPD and DHA. On top of this a healthy fat, it also helps your cholesterol and has been linked to improvements in brain health. Fish is a fantastic source of iodine, needed for a healthy thyroid and metabolism.

Try our Simple tuna Mediterranean pasta. Serving 2 people in just 15 minutes. Because simple does not need to lack taste or nutrition.

Simple tuna Mediterranean pasta

Simple tuna Mediterranean pasta