Safcol Responsibly Fished Tuna Pouch with Oil Blend 74g

Our well-loved range of flavoured tuna combines the natural goodness of tuna with delicious flavours, add to this the convenience of a tuna pouch that does not require the draining off of liquid, a pouch that contains flavour infused tuna flakes, and you will know that the new tuna pouch is just right for you, a tasty protein hit on the go. Safe and easy to open with the very finest and freshest tuna, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Nutritional Information 
*Average per 100g
IngredientsSkipjack Tuna(Katsuwonus pelamis)(80%), oil blend (14%) (coconut oil(7%), extra virgin olive oil(7%)), water(5%), salt (1%)
Net Contents74g
Serve Size74g
Serves per Pack1
ENERGY kj*867
PROTEIN g*23.9
FAT g*12.4
CARBS g*<0.1
SUGAR g*<0.1
SODIUM mg*342
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