An easy swap to increase your lifespan by 48 minutes per day

Posted on :  December 7, 2021

An easy swap to increase your lifespan by 48 minutes per day. While there is no magic pill to increase your lifespan, the choices you make can add up to a lot of extra or lost time. One lifestyle factor which influences your chances of a longer life is your diet.

Athletes may need greater amounts of Omega 3 fat than the general guidelines

Posted on :  November 22, 2021

The International Olympic Conference have made recommendations based on the current research that athletes may need up to four times the amount of omega-3 fat than the recommendations made for the general population. Athletes may need around 2000mg or eight to ten serves of seafood each week.

Three heart healthy tips

Posted on :  October 6, 2021

A healthy body could be said to start with a healthy heart. A healthy heart can start with your choices in the kitchen. Sodium is a mineral that plays many important roles such as maintaining the fluid volume outside your cells.

Tricks to long-lasting energy

Posted on :  September 27, 2021

If you are like most of us, starting and finishing the day with the same amount of energy can be a challenge. Here are some tricks to long-lasting energy.

4 Key Foods to Promote Optimal Health After Menopause

Posted on :  September 21, 2021

There is no denying that when your body goes through menopause there will be some changes. The drop of the sex hormones oestrogen and testosterone creates many changes in your body.

Omega-3 fat to reduce symptoms of indigestion

Posted on :  August 31, 2021

Do you suffer from indigestion or heartburn? More than one in every ten Australians experience this uncomfortable condition and it is one of the most common digestive disorders. The cause and treatment can vary from person to person.

Crushing the Afternoon Munchies on A Paleo Diet

Posted on :  May 24, 2021

You have hit the 3:30 pm mark during your busy day and want to know how to satisfy the munchies while looking after your health while following a paleo diet. A paleo diet is one with lean protein like seafood, eggs, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and honey in moderation.