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The South Australian Fishermans Co-Operative Limited (S.A.F.C.O.L.) was founded in 1945 by a group of South Australian Fishermen to sell their catch; the first of its kind in Australia. This connection with the craft and the catch has been constant throughout our history. Today, Safcol continues to manage the thriving South Australian Fish Market and is a diversified consumer products group, marketing its products across the Australian Retail Market in supermarkets and other speciality stores.

why safcol?

Safcol is one of the world’s major suppliers of fresh, packaged and frozen seafood. We are respected for our philosophy of sustainability and our guarantee of quality. We have over 70 years experience, from traditional beginnings to the operation of fleets and plants around the world. We can supply virtually every type of seafood, fresh or frozen.

  • The Seafood Experts
    • Safcol has a long heritage of over 70 years in seafood in the Australian market and also other global markets. We trace our tuna catch from fishing boat to shelf and we are the brand that changed the Australian tuna market to a responsibly fished market, with larger brands following our lead 5 years later, after we had changed our fishing methods in 2011. Being the Only Australian tuna brand that actually owns a cannery in Australia and internationally gives us the advantage of ensuring Australian Standards of Food Safety are adhered to at all times.

  • Responsible Fishing
    • Safcol only catches our tuna in two ways one is by the FAD free method which means we do not use destructive Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD’s) which destroy the lives of 110 other species in the process of catching the tuna, sea creatures like marlin, rays, dolphins, turtles, sharks etc. The other method we employ is pole and line fishing where we catch our tuna individually using a pole and line, this is 25% more expensive but the oceans are our life, and if we don’t protect them and the marine life, then we have no future, it is for this reason that we use only these two well recognised and safest and most responsible fishing methods for all our tuna. Consider our salmon, we are finalising MSC certification for our flavoured salmon, which means we ensure that the full chain of custody from fishing port to factory is monitored and responsibly measured, ensuring our entire process is responsible protecting fish stocks for the future as well as the environment. When anyone buys tuna they should ask these three questions

      1) How was it caught?

      2) Where was it caught?

      3) What impact is this product having on our sea life and ocean health ?

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In fact, a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity is in danger of extinction in the next 30 years*. So now, more than ever, it’s crucial to choose brands that are taking a positive stand for marine life. Safcol has made a pledge to do everything possible to protect the health of our oceans. So now you can enjoy great tasting tuna and protect fragile marine life.


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