Protect the future of vulnerable marine life


Turtle in nets


Protect the future of vulnerable marine life

Nets entrap and entangle marine life. Turtles, sharks, dolphins and rays, are all victims of net entanglement as well as 110 other marine species. Commercial fishing with nets, also known as ‘purse seine fishing’ is devastating to our oceans and marine life when carried out on a large scale.



Highly Selective – caught by hand one at a time

Our Safcol No Net Tuna Range protects other marine life by catching only the fish we require for canning. Our selective fishing is more responsible and cleaner, protecting other marine life.




Reducing habitat damage

No Net Tuna fishing methods do not touch the sea bed and they, therefore, protect the marine habitat to a greater extent than other fishing methods that destroy the ocean floor.



Turtle trapped in net on seafloor


Reducing the risk of ghost nets

Safcol No Net tuna does not use nets thereby reducing the risk of ghost nets and minimising the impact on our oceans. Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded in the ocean.

Safcol No Net Tuna is a proud partner of Clean Up Australia. For every can of No Net Tuna sold, we contribute 5 cents towards Clean Up Australia, helping the iconic Aussie charity provide free resources and materials to communities, schools and youth groups all year round, supporting Australians everywhere to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

Clean Up Australia

Safcol proudly partnered with Clean Up Australia